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Rethinking Charity: Restoring Dignity to Poverty Relief

Rethinking Charity: Restoring Dignity to Poverty Relief
Rethinking Charity: Restoring Dignity to Poverty Relief
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In Rethinking Charity, Ismael Hernandez explores the theoretical foundations of charity and applies person-centered insights to the practical work of poverty relief. The result is a compelling vision of the poor not as nameless victims but as free, responsible, and creative image-bearers who possess a value far greater than their need. Too much of the conversation about poverty, whether in government, among social service providers, or in churches, is animated by highly emotional conventions, trite melodramatic comparisons, and comfortable ideological clichés. Rethinking Charity offers an exciting alternative and opportunity to engage and walk alongside those in need.


“If we are to effectively engage the perennial problems of poverty in its full dimensions—spiritual and relational as well as material—then we need those who see clearly and are willing to speak the truth that they see. Hernandez sees clearly, and he is courageous enough to proclaim the truth that he sees. We would all do well to listen to him.”

Jordan J. Ballor
Director of Research
Center for Religion, Culture & Democracy at First Liberty Institute


“In his enlightening new work, Hernandez masterfully challenges the conventional emotive approach to poverty with a refreshing and intellectually rigorous exploration of Catholic Social Teaching... A must-read for anyone serious about the real solutions to poverty that respect the dignity and potential of every human being.” 

Andreas Widmer
Director of the Arthur & Carlyse Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship
The Catholic University of America

Ismael Hernandez
Michael Matheson Miller