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A Legacy of Liberty

A Legacy of Liberty
A Legacy of Liberty
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What makes for a flourishing society?



Many people today, both religious and secular, define freedom as merely the power to do what one wants, uninhibited by morality. Many view entrepreneurship as fundamentally acquisitive, fueled by personal greed and pursued at the expense of community. Both views are eminently mistaken. Rev. Robert A. Sirico answers these critics in this new combined edition of two of his most celebrated essays. Freedom is the necessary precondition for all virtue. Entrepreneurs are the primary agents of economic progress and prosperity for all in our world today.



"I'm delighted to see my essays Toward a Free and Virtuous Society and The Entrepreneurial Vocation represented to a new generation. Kris Mauren's new introduction is an original and substantive contribution to the Acton Institute's legacy of liberty and a guide to its future."


~ Rev. Robert A. Sirico, President Emeritus and Co-founder, Acton Institute

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