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Skepticism, Faith and Freedom

Skepticism, Faith and Freedom
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The Heartland Institute hosted its 22nd Anniversary Benefit Dinner on October 5, 2006. Nearly 500 people gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago Hotel to hear outstanding presentations delivered by two remarkable individuals.

The theme was "Skepticism, Faith, and Freedom." The speakers were Prof. Richard Epstein and Fr. Robert Sirico. Their presentations, transcribed and very lightly edited, are presented in this booklet.

The goal of the program was to showcase two different defenses of classical liberalism, one arguing from the skeptic's view of "how the world really is," and the other from a faith-based view of "how the world should be." Classical liberalism is the political philosophy of the Founding Fathers. It calls for maximum individual freedom, respect for private property rights, and limited government.

Epstein and Sirico agreed to deliver four alternating 15-minute talks, rather than two 30-minute speeches, presented here. 

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