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Set Free: Restoring Religious Freedom for All

Set Free: Restoring Religious Freedom for All
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We've Remembered Our First Freedom, Until Now.

Religious freedom is one of the most important freedoms that the American experiment has given the world. Sadly, many have forgotten not only the importance of our first freedom but also that its roots are founded in biblical principles that call us to champion religious freedom for all. As a result of our inattention, the religious liberties we take for granted are now being challenged. Our response at this critical time in history will have a significant and lasting impact on the direction of the United States.

In Set Free, editors Art Lindsley and Anne R. Bradley explore the biblical underpinnings of religious freedom and how those biblical roots have been understood throughout history, the essential role of religious freedom in promoting human flourishing, and why this precious freedom must be restored at all costs, for people of all faiths, not just our own. With contributions from Christian theologians, historians, and public policy analysts, Set Free provides readers with a firm understanding of Christianity's unique and essential contribution to religious freedom.

...Religious freedom, once taken for granted in our culture, is increasingly under threat today, at home as well as abroad.Set Freeis a welcomed resource in a struggle all persons of conscience must embrace for eternal vigilance is still the price for religious liberty.
-Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School of Samford University, General editor of the 28-volume Reformation Commentary on Scripture

Many Americans treat political, economic, and religious freedom separate, and separable, things. Some defend political and economic freedom while ignoring religious freedom. Some ardent religious believers are dismissive of economic freedom. And even some Christians believe the idea of religious freedom is the product of the secular enlightenment. This important book shows why these ways of thinking are deeply mistaken and ultimately self-destructive. Religious freedom is our first freedom, and it is deeply rooted in Scripture and Christian history...
-Jay Richards, Research Assistant, Professor in the Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute

In a world of increasing incivility in the public square, it is essential that people of goodwill embrace religious liberty. After all, no one has the ability to force another human being to believe anything that he or she does not believe. The liberty of conscience is in desperate need of affirmation in our day. Toward this end,Set Freeis an important read. The book grapples with the relevant issues and should help the reader engage others in a thoughtful and civil manner.
-Paul A. Cleveland, Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Finance, Department of Business, Birmingham-Southern College

Set Freeis a must-read for those who care about the linkage between religious freedom and human flourishing. It is refreshing to see an outstanding group of scholars use Biblical principles, history, ethics, and empirical analysis to examine the role of religious freedom and its importance as a source of personal liberty, sound institutions, and human progress.
-James Gwartney, Professor of Economics, Florida State University

With a diverse cast of powerhouse contributors,Set Freemakes a stirring biblical, historical, and practical case for defending religious freedom for all. Every Christian who cares about religious freedom will learn from this valuable book.
-Luke Goodrich, Vice President and Senior Counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and author of Free to Believe: The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America