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Pro Rege: Living Under Christ's Kingship, Volume 2

Pro Rege:  Living Under Christ's Kingship, Volume 2
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Abraham Kuyper firmly believed that Jesus Christ was King not just of Christians, but of the entire cosmos. In volume two of Pro Rege, he continues his analysis of the extent to which Christ rules--first in the human heart, then in the life of the church, and continuing to the life of the Christian family. Kuyper believed that it was nonsense to distinguish between life inside and outside of church walls. Here, he shows that although the Jesus' kingship has been denied and denigrated, Christ still exerts his power in the world through his people.

This new translation of Pro Rege, created in partnership with the Abraham Kuyper Translation Society and the Acton Institute, is part of a major series of new translations of Kuyper's most important writings. The Abraham Kuyper Collected Works in Public Theology marks a historic moment in Kuyper studies, aimed at deepening and enriching the church's development of public theology.

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