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Flourishing Faith: A Baptist Primer

Flourishing Faith: A Baptist Primer
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Why has the modern Baptist movement flourished while older denominations have declined? Liberal theology and slow-grinding state-church machinery are two reasons, but an even greater reason is ecclesiastical entrepreneurship! For more than two hundred years the Free Church with its "baptist" ecclesiology and evangelical ministry practice in spreading the gospel and starting new churches has mirrored the free-market spirit that has made America great. As the nation flourished, so did the Baptists.

Yet most pastors, professors, and parishioners simply don't connect work, economics, and God's plan for making us into mature disciples. Evangelicals need a big-picture perspective on the fact that God made us, in part, to work. Plus, all legitimate work glorifies God and through its fruitfulness blesses countless others. So how do politics, economics, and citizenship responsibilities fit into a broader discipleship model of life stewardship?

In Flourishing Faith, Dr. Chad Brand shows how by examining key issues of the history and theology of political economy: work, wealth, government, and taxation with its various implications. Brand then explores the philosophy of how government relates to political economy and highlights how Baptists have contributed. Insightful, provocative, and generous.

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