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Wealth Creation: The Solution to Poverty

Wealth Creation: The Solution to Poverty
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Care for the poor has been a hallmark of Christianity since its beginning. Yet the economic world that provides the context for both Christianity and poverty has changed dramatically since the time of Christ. Professor William Luckey helps us to understand that context by tracing the history of Christian thought on poverty and wealth, as well as the history of wealth creation. The creation of wealth requires not only technical expertise and innovation but also social and cultural support. By fostering the attitudes and institutions that provide the context for wealth creation, the Church can make a special contribution to care for the poor. Luckey offers an informed reflection on how Catholics and other Christians might more effectively promote this wealth-creative culture, one that will in turn more effectively lift our brothers and sisters in need out of poverty and desperation. “If Catholics are serious about improving the lives of the poor,” he insists, “we must be serious about understanding the sources of wealth creation.”

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