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The Humane Economist: A Wilhelm Röpke Reader

The Humane Economist: A Wilhelm Röpke Reader
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Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek once warned that “the economist who is only an economist is likely to become a nuisance if not a positive danger.” As an economist and theorist of liberalism, Wilhelm Röpke was acutely aware of this danger. His combined commitments to sound economic analysis, the importance of social institutions, and the moral and religious framework of the Christian tradition make him a unique figure in the history of economic and social thought.This anthology, through carefully chosen selections from Röpke’s writings, introduces the contemporary reader to this most humane economist and theorist of the free and virtuous society.

“Wilhelm Röpke was one of the most important economists and social philosophers of the twentieth century. This new anthology brings together selections from some of his most important books and essays .... It offers not just an excellent overview of Röpke’s views on a wide variety of economic, social, and political themes, but also serves as a guidebook to better understand the public policy issues of our own times.”

- Richard Ebeling
The Citadel

“This volume is a great place for students of society to start to learn about the humane economy and its relevance for the twenty-first century.”

- Peter Boettke
George Mason University

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