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The Right Use of Moral Philosophy

The Right Use of Moral Philosophy
The Right Use of Moral Philosophy
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The early French reformer Pierre de la Place (ca. 1520-1572) is usually remembered more for his martyrdom than for his life or work. La Place was, however, a significant figure in the French reform movement who made contributions through both civil service and writing. Appearing here in English for the first time, his Du droict usage de la philosophie morale avec la doctrine chrestienne is an early Reformed introduction to moral philosophy. The work begins with praise for the science of ethics, turns to a discussion of the highest good, and then expounds topics such as the will, habit, and virtue. Throughout the book La Place argues for a distinction between the disciplines of ethics and theology, and he illustrates how the confusion of these disciplines leads to error. Yet his overall purpose is to show how moral philosophy may be rightly related to theology for the benefit of civil society. Written by an often overlooked leader of the Huguenots, this work will be of interest to scholars and students of ethics, theology, and the history of the Reformation.

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