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America's Economic War

America's Economic War
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Are you struggling to understand what’s really going on in the American Economy today? Do you want to know if our economy will turn-around quickly, or get bogged down in a bad recession, or worse, collapse into a ten-year depression? Do you want to understand why we confront a constant stream of bad economic reports and financial crises? Why we face increasing inflation with mounting food and energy prices? Why our leaders engage in fierce political battles with one another? Do you want to understand why American Culture and morality are in steep decline? Gerard Francis Lameiro, America’s Citizen-Philosopher, addresses these questions and more in this clearly written, easy-to-understand, and vitally important book that describes America’s Economic War between American Capitalism and socialism. In his engaging style and his uncanny ability to make the complex very simple, Dr. Lameiro describes in riveting detail the serious risks to you and your family’s freedom, money and lives.

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