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Acton University 2019 Flash Drive

Acton University 2019 Flash Drive
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Session Title / Task Session Type Speaker
Entrepreneurial Vocation
Session 1
Roger Landry
An Introduction to Abraham Kuyper's Public Theology Session 1 Jordan Ballor
A Free & Virtuous Society, Revisited Session 1 Dylan Pahman
Wisdom and Work: Theological Reflections on Human Labor in Ecclesiastes Session 1 Daryl Charles
The Importance of Free Trade Session 1 Philip Booth
What We Know (and Don't Know) about Criminal Justice Policy Session 1 Sarah Estelle
Microfinance: Wins, Losses, and Lessons Session 1 Peter Greer
Must Commons Governance be Tragic? Session 1 Ross Emmett
Getting Social Justice Right Session 1 Ryan Anderson
CORE Christian Vision of the Person and Society
Session 1
Michael Matheson Miller
Adam Smith and the Idea of Virtuous Capitalists Session 2 Paul Mueller
An Ecosystem of Liberty: Private Property and the Free Exercise of Religion Session 2 Ryan Anderson
Church Property as a Bulwark of Religious Liberty Session 2 Kevin Schmiesing
Curbing Rights Inflation Session 2 Adam MacLeod
The Role of a Free Press in a Democracy Session 2 Patrick Garry
John Locke’s Philosophy of Liberalism Session 2 Greg Forster
Judaism and the Market Economy Session 2 Mitch Rocklin
Recovering Beneficence: An Alternative to Social Justice Warfare Session 2 Lenore Ealy
The Politics of Apocalypse Session 2 Rob Joustra
CORE Natural Law and Human Flourishing Session 2 Sam Gregg
Lord Acton, Liberty, Conscience, and the Social Order Session 3 Dan Hugger
Catholic Social Teaching and Economics: The Science of Human Freedom  Session 3 Fr. Raymond de Souza
Achievement and the Christian Life Session 3 Elizabeth Corey
Legislating Morality: It's Not as Scary as you May Think Session 3 James Bruce
Liberation Theology Session 3 Kishore Jayabalan
Religious Freedom and International Development Session 3 Daniel Mark
Rooting for Rivals Session 3 Peter Greer
Second Thoughts: Newman on Economic and Political Liberty Session 3 David Deavel
We’re All Dead: How J.M. Keynes--and His Critics--Went Wrong Session 3 Victor Claar
Why Malthus Was Not a Malthusian Session 3 Ross Emmett
CORE Economic Way of Thinking Session 3 Anne Rathbone Bradley
A Cross, a Cake, and a Crisis: Two Attacks on Religious and Economic Freedom Session 4 Andrew Graham
Medieval Wisdom on Faith and Flourishing  Session 4 Chris Armstrong
Communities and Markets: Friend or Foe? Session 4 Margarita Mooney
Engaging Culture: Lessons from the Church Fathers Session 4 Stephen Presley
Finding Solutions to Mass Incarceration Session 4                      Anthony Bradley
Judaism, the State, and Limited Government Session 4 Daniel Mark
Social Teaching of John Paul II Session 4 Roger Landry
The Ghost of Marx Session 4 Mihail Neamtu
Why Machines Won't Replace Us Session 4 Jay Richards
CORE Christian Vision of a Free Government Session 4 Adam MacLeod
Channeling the Fire of Invention: The Case for Intellectual Property Rights
Session 5
Adam MacLeod
The Holy See and International Relations: Evangelist or NGO?  Session 5 Fr. Raymond de Souza
Community and Economic Development Session 5 Justin Beene
Cronyism, Corporate Welfare and Inequality Session 5 Anne Bradley
Do Economic and Religious Liberty Have Anything to Do with Each Other? Session 5 Hunter Baker
Islam 101 Session 5 Mustafa Akyol
Taking Advantage of Freedom: Solzhenitsyn on What to Do With Liberty When You Have It Session 5 David Deavel
The Crisis of Responsibility: Main Street and the Financial Crisis of 2008 Session 5 David Bahnsen
Kuyper, Colson, and the Idea of Restoring Culture Session 5 John Stonestreet
What is Conservatism? Session 5 John Wilsey
An Introduction to Austrian Economics Session 6 Larry Reed
John Wesley: Discipleship, Economic Liberty and the Common Good Session 6 Charlie Self
Judaism and the Idea of Liberty Session 6 Mitch Rocklin
Taking Rites Seriously Session 6 Frank Beckwith
The Gender Ideology and the Future of the Free Society Session 6 Jennifer Morse
The Gender Wage Gap Session 6 Angela Dills
Theology of Work Session 6 Scott Rae
Thinking Theologically about Entrepreneurship: Why Does it Matter? Session 6 Joe Gorra
True Compassion: Case Studies in Effective Work with the Poor Session 6 Ismael Hernandez
Understanding Globalization: Myths, Realties, and Challenges
Session 6
Sam Gregg
Cultural Critiques of Capitalism Session 7 Michael Miller
Does the Free Market Stifle a Culture of Beauty? Session 7 David Clayton
How to Talk to Protestants about Natural Law Session 7 Drew McGinnis
Income and Inequality Session 7 Stephen Barrows
Islam, Reason, and Freedom Session 7 Mustafa Akyol
Socialized Medicine - Does it work and what should Christians think? Session 7 Philip Booth
The Humanitarian Threat to Christianity Session 7 Kishore Jayabalan
What Belongs to God, What Belongs to Caesar Session 7 John Stonestreet
Why Hayek Should Matter to Christians Session 7 Sarah Estelle
Why Science Will Never Have the Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions Session 7 Denis Alexander
The Thought of Leo XIII Session 8 Daniel Frascella
Lessons from Europe's Booze-Producing Capitalist Monks Session 8 Stephanie Slade
Natural Law, Natural Theology, and the Protestant Critique: Are We Really That Far Apart? Session 8 Frank Beckwith
Population Economics Session 8 Stephen Barrows
Technology, Freedom, and the Future of Work Session 8 Dan Churchwell
The Islamic Economic Framework Session 8 Ali Salman
The Pursuit of Happiness: How Does the Economy Help the Good Life Session 8 Jay Richards
The Sharing Economy: Creativity and Growth Session 8 Angela Dills
Transitional Justice: Civil-Society Solutions for America's Race History Session 8 Anthony Bradley
Was Jesus a Socialist? Session 8 Larry Reed
Christian Realism for Terrifying Times Session 9 Rob Joustra
Creation and the Image of God Session 9 Scott Hahn
False Promise of Big Government Session 9 Patrick Garry
Hope for the Inner City Session 9 Ismael Hernandez
International Economic Development: Latin America Session 9 Macel van Hattem
Intersectionality and the Socialist Temptation Session 9 Elizabeth Corey
John A. Ryan, Catholic Social Teaching, and the New Deal Session 9 Kevin Schmieising
Liberalism, Modernity, and its Discontents Session 9 Sam Gregg
Roots of Christian Philanthropy Session 9 Stefana Laing
The Christian Humanism of Russell Kirk Session 9 Brad Birzer
Consumerism and Asceticism Session 10 Greg Jensen
Distributism: Theory and Critique Session 10 David Deavel
Free Market Environmentalism Session 10 PJ Hill
In Defense of the Nation-State Session 10 Trey Dimsdale
Jonathan Edwards, Private Property, and the National Covenant Session 10 Gerry McDermott
Love and Economics: A Foundational Issue for a Free Society Session 10 Jenny Morse
Political Utopia Session 10 Mihail Neamtu
Poverty in the Developing World Session 10 Michael Miller
The Christian Humanism of Edmund Burke Session 10 Brad Birzer
The First Society: The Covenant of Marriage Session 10 Scott Hahn
The Rise and Fall of the American Judeo-Christian Consensus Session 10 James Patterson
Alexis de Tocqueville: The Man and His Times Session 11 John Wilsey
Catholic Opposition to State Intervention Before Rerum novarum Session 11 Daniel Frascella
Economics Among the Virtues Session 11 James Bruce
Education and the Free Society Session 11 Todd Flanders
Fair Trade vs. Free Trade Session 11 Victor Claar
Globalization and Inequality Session 11 Philip Booth
Kuyper, Roman Catholics, and Common-Cause Cooperation Session 11 Daryl Charles
The Alt-Right: A Christian Perspective Session 11 Ben Jonson
The Idea of Christian Statesmanship Session 11 Hunter Baker