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Acton University 2018 Flash Drive

Acton University 2018 Flash Drive
Session 1
Speaker Subject
Ealy Philanthropy & Civil Society: An Ethic of Beneficence for the Modern Age 
Garrison The Austrian Business Cycle 
Landry Entrepreneurial Vocation
MacLeod Property in Common Law: Liberty and Virtue Together 
Miller CORE Christian Vision of the Person and Society 
Mueller Adam Smith and the Role of Virtue in a Commercial Society 
Akyol Islam, Markets, and the Free Society 
Hill Free-Market Environmentalism 
Rathbone Bradley Economic Freedom as the Path to Human Flourishing 
Morse The Sexual State and the Culture of Death 
Session 2
Speaker Subject
Anderson Religious Liberty in an Age of Gay Marriage 
Armstrong Must Work “Secularize” Us? Answers from Gregory, Wesley, Sheldon, and Lewis 
Brooks Church, City, and Urban Renewal 
Bruce Individual Rights and social Justice
Gregg CORE Natural Law and Human Flourishing 
Hernandez Theories of Race 
Jacobse The Economic Thought of Sergei Bulgakov 
Landry Entrepreneurial Vocation 
Mark Judaism, the State, and the Idea of Limited Government 
Pakaluk Economics of Education 
Widmer International Economic Development: Africa 
Wilsey The Preservation of Property and Interest Rightly Understood—as Tocqueville Understood It 
Session 3
Speaker Subject
Bergsma The Old Testament Theology of Work: The Original Unity of Work and Worship in the Bible 
Booth Pitfalls of Government Intervention: Minimum Wage and Easy Credit 
Forster John Locke's Philosophy of Liberalism 
Charles Post-Consensus' Culture, Natural Law, and Moral Persuasion 
Jayabalan Liberation Theology 
Landry Church and International Affairs 
Miller Poverty in the Developing World – 
Rocklin Introduction to Jewish Social Thought 
Scoville The Growth of Leviathan: How the Federal Government Shed its Constitutional 
Tan Social Impact Investing
Session 4
Speaker Subject
Anderson Getting Social Justice Right 
Baker CORE Christian Vision of a Free Government 
De Souza Introduction to John Henry Newman 
Glader God and the Newsroom 
Kaemingk Islam, Religious Freedom, and Reformed Political Theology 
Kreeft What do Catholics and Protestants have in Common? 
Richards Climate Change: Science and Economics 
Rogobete Ethics in Global Business: Beyond CSR 
Taylor Labor of Love: The Apostle Paul’s Theology of Work 
Tucker The Austrian Tradition on Social and Economic Order 
Session 5
Speaker Subject
Bahnsen Crisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame & How You Can Cure It
Charles Take This Job and Shove It: Theological Reflections on Vocation, Calling, and Work 
Deavel Good Before Useful: Why a Good Liberal Arts Education Makes Better Business 
Estelle Why Hayek Should Matter to Christians 
Frascella The Thought of Leo XIII 
Gorra Thinking Theologically about Entrepreneurship: Why Does it Matter?
Jensen "Not As a Cloak for Malice": Liberty in Orthodox Social Thought 
Kreeft How Do Christians Think? 
Booth The Importance of Free Trade 
Rathbone Bradley Cronyism: Stealing from the Poor to Protect the Rich 
Rocklin Jewish Conceptions of Human Creativity 
Stonestreet Kuyper and Colson 
Tan International Economic Development: East Asia 
Ten Napel The Relevance of the Federalist Papers Today 
Session 6
Speaker Subject
Anderson How to Respond to Transgender Ideology 
Beckwith Taking Rites Seriously: Law, Politics, and the Reasonableness of Faith 
Dill "Birzer" The Gender Wage Gap 
Birzer-02 Why Russell Kirk Matters 
Corey Microaggressions and the Public Good 
Harper The Hebrew Republic & the Origins of America's Constitutional Liberty 
Luddy The Entrepreneur: The Servant and the User 
Miller Moral Imagination 
Pinheiro Religious Liberty: The Dawn of the First Amendment 
Richards How to Pursue Happiness: How Does the Economy Help the Good Life? 
Tucker Cryptocurrency
Wilsey Alexis de Tocqueville: The Man and His Times 
Session 7
Speaker Subject
Armstrong Down-to-Earth Faith: C.S. Lewis’s Medieval Incarnational Wisdom 
Ballor An Introduction to Abraham Kuyper’s Public Theology
Birzer Why Russel Kirk Matters
Booth Globalization and Inequality 
Forster Whittaker Chambers' Witness for the 21st Century 
Heslam Stimulating Virtuous Business 
Joustra The Politics of Apocalypse: Pop-Culture at the End of the World 
MacLeod Vested Private Rights: The Foundation of American Constitutionalism 
Mark Judaism and Natural Law 
Roback Morse The Sexual State and the Gender Ideology 
Schmeising Behind the Labels: Conservatism and Liberalism in American History 
Zuhlsdorf St. Augustine and the City of Man 
Session 8
Speaker Subject
Beene Community and Economic Development 
Brown John Rawls, Justice, and the Imago Dei 
Bruce Individual Rights and Social Justice 
Claar Fair Trade vs. Free Trade 
Flanders Education and the Free Society 
Frascella Development of 20th Century Catholic Social Thought 
Grace Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer Matters 
Nelson The Economics of Neighborly Love 
Presley The Church and the World: Augustine, Luther, and Kuyper in Conversation 
Reed Was Jesus a Socialist? 
Richards Why Machines Won't Replace Us 
Smith Statism in Poor Countries: A Field Guide
Session 9
Speaker Subject
Ballor Abraham Kuyper, Leo XIII, and Modern Christian Social Thought 
Barnes Business Ethics and Religious Belief
Barrows Income and Inequality 
Budziszewski Natural Law: A Primer 
Clayton Does the Free Economy Stifle a Culture of Beauty? 
Hahn The Centrality of the Family in Ancient Israel 
Hernandez Hope for the Inner City 
Joustra The Religious Problem with Religious Freedom 
Neamtu A World of Freebies: How did Welfare Policies in Europe Destroy the Protestant Work Ethic? 
Self The Theology of Work 
Wilcox Marriage Makes the Man 
Session 10
Speaker Subject
Baker A Christian Case for Religious Liberty
Bergsma Property Rights in the Old Testament 
Frascella Reviving Catholic Social Thought in the Modern Era 
Garrison Free-Market Thought: Austrian Economics 
Hahn Creation and the Image of God 
Jayabalan Edmund Burke and the Origins of Modern Conservatism 
Meilaender The Moral Imagination: On the Importance of Literature for Politics 
Presley  Private Property and the Early Church 
Rae Business and the Common Good 
Wilcox Strong Families, Prosperous States 
Session 11
Speaker Subject
Barrows Population Economics 
Budziszewski What Happiness Is and Isn’t: Insights from Thomas Aquinas
Corey Intersectionality and Social Justice 
Deavel Distributism: Theory and Critique 
Garry The Role of a Free Press in a Democracy 
Gregg Benedict XVI and the Crisis of Europe 
Heslam Rising Powers: The Heart of Economic Development 
Jensen East Meets West: Consumerism and Asceticism 
Johnson The Alt-Right: A Christian Perspective 
Moon Accountable Entrepreneurship: A Wesleyan Understanding of the Connected Individual 
Morse The Sexual State and the Ideology of Divorce 
Rivera The Moral Impact and Pastoral Response to Unemployment 

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