Our Souls At Work: How Great Leaders Live Their Faith in the Global Marketplace

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Our Souls at Work is built around twelve themes (chapter titles): calling, leadership, character, success, money, stewardship, balance, disciplines, relationships, pluralism, ethics and giving.

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The book includes advice and insights from 37 different world class leaders and Fortune 500 CEO's like: Steve Reinemund (former CEO/Chair of PepsiCo), John Tyson, Chair (former CEO) of Tyson Foods, Mo Anderson, Vice Chair (former CEO/Chair) of Keller Williams Realty, Bonnie Wurzbacher, Senior VP of Global Customer Leadership at Coca Cola, Dennis Bakke, founder of AES, once the third largest energy entity in the world, emerging social entrepreneurs like Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes and Scott Harrison of charity: water, Max Anderson and Teal Carlock, Harvard grads behind the MBA Oath, and many others. The book is built around twelve themes (chapter titles): calling, leadership, character, success, money, stewardship, balance, disciplines, relationships, pluralism, ethics and giving. Our Souls at Work has the power to open our collective eyes to the spiritual nature and mission of our daily work. It will help create a space for ongoing community and conversation on these important issues. The time has come for us to see a purpose for business that goes beyond money and that has a vision for this economy that goes even beyond this earth.

"I firmly believe that almost anytime you see a systemic problem corporately, nationally, or internationally, somewhere in the link it will fall upon the leader. If ever there were a time when the world needed leadership defined by integrity and character, this is it. The truths here are drawn from those who have learned how to withstand great challenge and to excel not only in leadership, but moreover in life as well. This book is a valuable resource that you will want to share with others."

Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker

"Faith in the Marketplace is often a resounding silence. But have you wondered what key business leaders think on how they lead, witness, and integrate their faith? Have you wondered about their inner thoughts on money, success, failure, balance, ethics and calling? Our Souls at Work opens the door to the minds of 37 Executives on these vital issues - and more. These are not academic papers. They are gut-level as well as thoughtful responses mirrored by personal experience and life long reflection. They speak not in theory, but practice. They don't preach. They model. Faith in practice in the secular marketplace drives each of the contributors. Our Souls at Work will bless you and challenge you."

Jerry White, Major General, USAF, Ret.

"I'm genuinely thrilled about the wisdom found in Our Souls at Work. A new priesthood is rising and needs to see who they really are and who they are called to become. This book will provide needed guidance and sage perspective. My hope is this book will catalyze the new prophets that aren't just concerned about one bottom line but a multiple bottom line. It's for those who don't just want to make a profit but also make a difference! It's a wave of global leaders who aren't going to let pastors have all the fun. It's a growing movement of zealots who see themselves as the front-line of God's movement not just bench warmers on Sunday mornings. This is a generation of leaders that know they're called not just to give their money but everything they have. They are not going to miss out in what of the greatest moments in history to be alive!"

Dave Gibbons, Pastor at NEWSONG church

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Additional Info

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ISBN 0578039893, 978-0578039893
Page Count 288
Publisher Russell Media
Year Published 2010
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