The Spirit Matters: Reflections on Economics and Society 25 Years after the Fall of Communism

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Though it has been twenty-five years since the fall of Communism in Europe, the questions raised by Marx and Engels and their intellectual heirs remain pertinent. Are human persons merely material beings? Are economic forces the decisive factor in human affairs? What are the sources of happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity? Do non-governmental institutions have an indispensable role to play in the achievement of these goals? How should we deal with inequality?

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In this collection of essays, five experts apply these critical questions to contemporary society, mining the theory and experience of Communism for lessons that are and will continue to be essential to every effort to create the conditions necessary for human flourishing. Catholic social teaching furnishes the resources to understand the reasons behind the failed promise of Communism, and to guide us toward more constructive social, political, and economic action.

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Additional Info

Edited By Kevin Schmiesing
Translated By No
ISBN 978-194250302-6
Page Count 147
Publisher Acton Institute
Year Published 2014
Book Excerpt N/A
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