Acton University 2012 Flash Drive Bundle

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Includes plenary lectures from:

Rev. Robert Sirico, co-founder of the Acton Institute and author of Defending the Free Market
Eric Metaxas
, author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
Michael Novak
, former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush
Arthur Brooks, author of The Road to Freedom

Includes lectures from the following popular speakers:

Jennifer Roback Morse, author of Love and Economics
Jeffrey Tucker, CLO of
Jay Richards, author of Money, Greed, and God
Andreas Widmer, author of The Pope and the CEO
Jordan Ballor, author of Ecumenical Babel and Get Your Hands Dirty
Anthony Bradley, author of Keep Your Head Up and Liberating Black Theology
Victor Claar, author of Fair Trade? Its Prospects as a Poverty Solution
Jonathan Witt, author of The Hobbit Party
Charlie Self, author of Flourishing Churches and Communities: A Pentecostal Primer on Faith, Work, and Economics for Spirit-Empowered Discipleship
Michael Butler, author of Creation and the Heart of Man: An Orthodox Perspective on Environmentalism
...and more!

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Full Lecture Listing


  1. A Conversation with Michael Novak
  2. Christian Anthropology ('12) - Dr. Samuel Gregg
  3. The Role of Ideas in Economic History - Prof. Ross Emmett
  4. de Vitoria and Economic Liberty - Dr. Alejandro Chafuen
  5. Person and Property in the Pentateuch - Dr. David Baker
  6. The Church and Urban Education - Dr. Anthony Bradley
  7. Christian Vision of Government - Michael Matheson Miller
  8. Religion and the 21st Century - Rev. Raymond de Souza
  9. East Meets West: Consumerism and Asceticism - Rev. Gregory Jensen
  10. The Unknown Solzhenitsyn - Dr. Edward Ericson
  11. The Role of the Mega-Church - Rev. Dan Scott
  12. The Economic Way of Thinking ('12) - Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  13. The Church and God's Economy - Dr. Jordan Ballor
  14. Communitarianism: Theory and Critique - Dr. Kenneth Grasso
  15. Corruption - Prof. Carroll Rios de Rodriguez
  16. Biblical Foundations of Freedom - Dr. Charles Self
  17. Tensions in American Conservatism - Dr. Jay Richards
  18. The Gospel of Luke - Prof. Chris Armstrong
  19. Value Investing - Mr. David Bahnsen
  20. 19th Century Reflections on Liberty - Michael Matheson Miller
  21. An Evening with Arthur Brooks
  22. Poverty in the Developing World - Michael Matheson Miller
  23. Vocational Stewardship and Community Transformation - Dr. Amy Sherman
  24. Christianity and the Scottish Enlightenment - Dr. Samuel Gregg
  25. Economics and Human Action - Dr. Peter Boettke
  26. Orthodoxy, Church and State - Very Rev. Michael Butler
  27. The Church and Modern Civilization - Dr. Greg Forster
  28. American Exceptionalism - Michael Novak
  29. Job Creation and the Developing World - Mr. Dave Genzink
  30. Biblical Theology and Environmental Ethics - Dr. Jay Richards
  31. Liberty and Liberalism - Dr. Kenneth Grasso
  32. Wilberforce - Mr. Eric Metaxas
  33. Marketplace as Social Shalom - Dr. Anthony Bradley
  34. Private Charity: A Practitioner's View - Mr. Rodolpho Carrasco
  35. The Reformation of University Education - Dr. Herman Selderhuis
  36. Subsidiarity and Serving the Poor - Mr. Ismael Hernandez
  37. Fair Trade vs. Free Trade - Dr. Victor Claar
  38. Business as a Moral Enterprise - Mr. Andreas Widmer
  39. Public Choice Theory - Dr. Peter Boettke
  40. Tolkien and the Free Society - Dr. Jonathan Witt
  41. Theologians vs. Capitalism - Dr. John Lunn
  42. Bastiat - Dr. Todd Flanders
  43. Microfinance and Development - Mr. Peter Greer
  44. The Role of Ideas in Economic History - Prof. Ross Emmett
  45. Ethics of Capital and Interest – Dr. Shawn Rittenour
  46. Morality and the Limits of Markets - Very Rev. Paul Hartmann
  47. Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Christian Social Witness - Mr. Eric Metaxas
  48. Theology of Stewardship - Dr. Kent Wilson
  49. The European Social Market - Dr. Samuel Gregg
  50. Common Grace in Business - Dr. Peter Heslam
  51. Economics and the Ethics of Inflation – Jeffrey Tucker
  52. CEO as Creator of Culture - Mr. Andreas Widmer
  53. John A. Ryan and the New Deal - Dr. Kevin Schmeissing
  54. Islam, Markets, and the Free Society - Mr. Mustafa Akyol
  55. Fertility's Impact on the World Economy - Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox
  56. Macroeconomics 101 - Dr. John Lunn
  57. The Political Economy of Edmund Burke - Michael Matheson Miller
  58. Africa: New Pathways for Development - Mr. Andreas Widmer
  59. Wesley's Kingdom Vision of Social Transformation - Dr. Charles Self
  60. The Middle East and the Arab Spring - Mr. Mustafa Akyol
  61. Abraham Kuyper, Entrepreneurship and Poverty - Dr. Peter Heslam
  62. Latin America - Prof. Caroll Rios de Rodriguez
  63. The Federalist Debate: Liberty and Order - Dr. John Pinhiero
  64. Theology of Work - Dr. Scott Rae
  65. Environmental Sustainability - Dr. Anthony Bradley
  66. Free Trade and Globalization - Prof. Ross Emmett
  67. Cultural Critiques of Capitalism – Michael Matheson Miller
  68. Social Entrepreneurship - Ms. Anielka Münkel
  69. Deficits and Debt - Dr. Samuel Gregg
  70. Myths about the Market - Dr. Jay Richards
  71. Global Economic Impacts of Marital Decline and Cohabitation - Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox
  72. Dependency, Church and Community - Mr. Peter Greer
  73. Closing Address - Rev. Robert A. Sirico

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