The Free Market in a Christian Society

The Free Market in a Christian Society

By Adolpho Lindenberg

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Dr. Lindenberg addresses the Church's current attempts to navigate between rejecting socialism while not quite embracing liberalism.


With a foreword by Fr. Sirico, this book analyzes the debate over the proper political and economic organizations of society from the standpoint of traditional Catholic teaching.

"Dr. Lindenberg's fine book addresses the Church's current attemps to navigate between rejecting socialsim while not quite embracing liberalism. This insightful work treats these topics in detail and offers useful commentary along the way. Indeed, the book performs a great service to anyone seeking to better understand Catholic social teaching or the Church's view on current events." (from the Foreword)

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ISBN 0968496903 , 978-0968496909
Page Count 269
Publisher St. Antoninus Institute
Year Published 1999
Book Excerpt N/A
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